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White Sand and Stone

Living with Integrity: Applied Leadership

Understanding that the fulcrum of work lies within relationships and utilizes personal growth as a path for organizational success.


An effective and continually improving culture where people can work toward achieving common goals while utilizing assertive communication techniques, and acknowledging and respecting boundaries. 
To create a school of leadership & thought where practicing healthy relationships becomes the basis for management and leadership styles and strategies based on solid values, integrity, effective communication and balanced goals.

Brian McReynolds is a professor and facilitator of Leadership and Management.  . He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Military Institute and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He is also a Certified Professional Coach for life skills, career, relationship and personal/professional development and is a Public Works Leadership Fellow and is a Certified Keirsey Partner.   In addition to teaching, Mr. McReynolds has been the Public Works Director for the City of Waynesboro for over 20 years and has been responsible for project management, personnel development, and the leadership and management of a staff of over 100 people.   He has facilitated the Leadership Greater Augusta Series for several years and served as a guest speaker at the Up Conference. As a Keirsey Partner, Brian provides  leadership and relationship consultation, public speaking services and facilitation for companies and individuals.  He currently resides in Fishersville, Virginia at Trossachs Woodland Farm where he focuses on intentional living, growing roots and crafting specialized musical instruments. 


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