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Native Plant Giveaway!! Celebrating and Preserving the Appalachian Wild...Happy Earth Week

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

A HUGE part of our mission is to help educate on the importance of becoming aware, preserving and re-establishing native landscapes. This is pretty difficult for the average homeowner when native plants are extremely difficult to find if you don't know which corner full of cobwebs to find them. This is not to say that we eradicate all existing non philosophy is if it is already on the property I study the plant..its usefulness..and its impact on my native landscape along with impact to animal inhabitants. Evaluate this info along with your resources and overall site conditions! To celebrate and honor Earth Day and to offer customer appreciation I will be holding drawings at this Saturday's Staunton Farmers Market for native plant giveaways!!!! So excited about this!! In addition as always there will be items for the from the forest floor!! See you then!!

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