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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

  • Brian and I have spent hours discussing who we are, from where we came, how we've come to know what it is we know and the myth that the art of healing was passed through generations. I am from Scots-Irish descent. My family was apart of the Appalachian Trail of Tears. For generations, they worked their mountain land for food and medicine and healed as nature would have it. That is where we come from, but what came from it is not romantic. The art of faith healing was not spoken, nor was the art of herbalism. What carried forward was a steadfast belief in the defining needs and wants. Those who come from similar backgrounds will immediately understand what I am speaking of. For example - growing up we typically didn't go to the doctor unless death or broken bones were involved. Why? Well...we really didn't need to. Going for well checks didn't really make sense and we were never unwell. We ate our food with the seasons and stayed away from anything processed. Mom's bookshelf was stocked with books on herbal and alternative remedies. If something wasn't right she told us to go look it up in the book. I didn't learn to heal from woodland walks with my grandmother, I learned from understanding the difference between needs provided from nature and wants manufactured in the world. The healer in me only had to listen nature's rhythms and seasons. The classes, books and endless information available on the internet go a long way too! Long ago I would have been respected as the village shaman, in my great grandfather's time I would have been feared as a faith healer, today I am the crazy plant lady..

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