The official grand entrance of Spring occurs each year on the vernal equinox when the length of day and night become equal, thus signifying the end of Winter's sleep and the sun crosses the threshold, to rule the growing seasons. While Winter is a time which we retreat back to the womb of the earth where creation occurs, Spring announces the birth of her long awaited child! It is a season of renewal, beginnings, manifestation and cleansing. What better native wildflower than Virginia Springbeauty (photo credit to Brian McReynolds) to serve as our poster child for spring!! She runs rampant through our woodland, like a child wild with play after being shut inside for the Winter, her flowers, like footsteps can be found near the entrance to every hollow and cresting every rock. She embraces the ebb and flow of warm sunshine coupled with the icy breezes that only March in Virginia can bring. Here she lifts her face to the sun embracing her short life- a true spring ephemeral. She shouts "Wake up! I'm here! Spring! Spring! Spring!"

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