Sugar Plum Tree Fairy

Diospyros virginiana

At one point during my childhood I can remember living on Persimmon Lane...and asking "What are persimmons?" Adults at that time would only complain about the mess that these ember colored fruits would make on passing cars. Maybe I would have found out the hidden truth about these delectable beauties sooner if the road had been called by the fruit's other name: Sugar Plum Lane instead.... At Trossachs Woodland Farm, we are so blessed to have a little belly in our woodland that is sprinkled with sugar plums!!! The common persimmon, Diospyros virginiana, is a tree and woodland fruit native to Virginia. It grows well in full sun to part shade and is a magnificent food source for wildlife and humans if they choose to seek it out. As we enter the season of gathering and the hours of sunlight recede minute by minute each day, I find myself looking forward to hurrying home from work to see if any sugar plums are ripe and ready to be scooped up. Taking in the smell of warm freshly fallen leaves and golden drops of lingering sunlight, seeking out the orange glow of these amazingly sweet fruits.

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