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The Sweet Things

Summer is quickly moving Spring right out of the way. Summer here in the South can be rather humid, at times making it seem much hotter than it really is. In the mountains of Virginia these warm days are coupled with cool delicious evenings and in the mornings you can still feel hints of cool breath reach out in the pause of ebb and flow. This morning is like this. The dog and I are sitting by one of our ponds listening to endless bird chatter, the water as it ripples across the pond and ongoing hum of traffic from the world beyond. The heat of the day lies waiting in the background but in this sweet moment I can feel the vapors of cool mountain breath as it whisperis good morning to the earth. Almost like a cool undertow passing through warm water, her breath touches the back of my neck and arms .. . What sweetness in a moment!!! Found in a pause in the busy.

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