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Overview The University of British Columbia (UBC) is the principal teaching and research university in Canada. The university has an international and diverse student population of over 45,000. The Sitka Campus is a component of UBC, comprising five large areas on the western tip of Vancouver Island. Sitka Campus is located in the Heart of the Sea on Campbell Island with an independent existence, managed independently by a board of directors. Sitka Campus encompasses four distinct departments and approximately 13,500 students and 1,700 staff. This incident risk analysis was conducted by staff at the Sitka Campus following a fire alarm on June 2, 2015. The risk analysis was based on the findings of the investigation of this incident, prepared by external investigators. Sitka Campus is a large, diverse and growing campus with a unique physical geography. It comprises two towers built in 1999 that house UBC classrooms and laboratories, a facility that houses a wide variety of classes and laboratories for the Natural Resources and Sustainable Technology programs, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, several restaurants and a number of residential facilities and amenities including the campus housing tower, the Chatham Hotel and University Village. Sitka Campus also hosts a wide variety of outdoor events and activities, including summer programs, trail work and festivals and activities. In addition, there are a number of recreational areas, including beaches, lakes and parks. The campus also includes three 18-hole golf courses. Sitka Campus is the home of the UBC Natural Resource Management program (NRMP) and the UBC Sustainable Technology program (STP). The majority of the NRMP’s students are not UBC students and, for this reason, the NRMP represents a large proportion of Sitka Campus’s total student population. This project was completed in preparation for the 2014-2015 academic year and completed in collaboration with staff from the Natural Resources Management Program. Sitka Campus is also home to a wide variety of post-secondary programs. For example, the marine safety and environmental management program is housed on campus, along with a number of additional programs, including business administration and marketing. There are a number of additional programs and post-secondary activities, including computer science, public health and nursing, professional services (accounting, auditing, finance, law, architecture, insurance, insurance management, and many others), mechanical engineering, bioscience, pharmacy, biochemistry, public administration, nursing, business administration, and much more. The programs that are housed in the Sitka Campus



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Download Luportmp Rar [Updated-2022]

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